OCHOCO ARMS Your safety is our mission.
Ochoco Arms is a privately held company in Prineville Oregon. With the main mission of developing ideas into intellectual property and products, Ochoco Arms specializes in the home defense, tactical, and sportsmen's markets.

Our most recognized project is the OA Hotzone by OA Tactical. A first of its kind, patented multi-laser sighting system that displays your shot pattern eliminating the guess work associated with firing a weapon in a high-stress situation.

“When tenths of a second can mean the difference between life and death, whether you are a Navy Seal clearing a compound, a police officer running into an active shooting scenario, or a single mother defending your children from a home invader, the benefits of the OA Tactical Hotzone are simply unmatched.” Sam Lambert, -Founder and CEO

Patent number US8459822B1 is Ochoco Arms’ revolutionary multi-laser sighting system Our patented multi-laser sighting system reduces target acquisition time and turns a shotgun into a precision instrument. Our technology addresses the need for a shotgun laser sighting system that displays the perimeter of the shot pattern, eliminating the guess work and the anxiety associated with firing a shotgun in a high-risk situation. This technology can also be applied to a rifle or handgun, creating a laser sighting system that allows for quicker target acquisition and increased accuracy.

You will no longer have to fear a sound in the middle of the night or threats from high-risk individuals trying to endanger your family. With the OA Hotzone patented laser technology, you will have increased confidence that each round you fire from your shotgun will be on target. When your worst nightmare comes true, make sure you have OA backing you up.

We won the “2013 BEND VENTURE CONVERENCE” concept stage company competition.


Ochoco Arms Inc. was established by Sam Lambert, Dennis Doherty, Madison Doherty, and Greg Lambert with the goal to make tactical weapons safer and more accurate.

Patent Granted

Patent number US8459822B1 is Ochoco Arms' revolutionary multi laser sighting system.